building of abandoned carbon industry halls

Abandoned Places Photos | Urban Exploration | Lost Places

Abandoned Places Photos | Urban Exploration

The Exploration of abandoned places also known as Urban Exploration means to go to abandoned places and explore the urban structure and history of the place. Also many of the Urban Explorer takes photos there. The one to document the place and the other to creat a kind of art – Art of Decay. Without decay originates nothing new, that is a constantly ongoing process.

The following photos show a cross section of my work from the abandoned places. Insights into the present of the past. From dark shafts in old mines, from bizarre sceneries in derelict houses and castles, surreal-looking industry and unique photos from the Maginot Line out of the second World War.

In the portfolio you can find some new images from abandoned industry. Click on the following image to reach directly to the gallery.

Abandoned Places Photos Mercedes
Mercedes in an abandoned factory

Some Urban Exploration in Switzerland from Hermann


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One thought to “Abandoned Places Photos | Urban Exploration | Lost Places”

  1. This photo of Mercedes is exceptional.
    The treatment is amazing, I love that you realize !
    Unfortunately there is not a lot of abandoned factories where I live :((
    I like to shoot in such places.

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