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Gipfel der Berner Alpen im Abendlicht

Bernese Alps in the Winter

Bernese Alps in the Winter

The first part of a series of images from the swiss alps in the wintertime you can see it in the landsape section

Together with Jochen we started a long and exhausting tour to the summit of the Galmschibe in winter. It was a cold and beautiful day. About one hour before sun goes down we arrived the top. We had 20 degree under zero. It was very very cold on this day in January. But I would not have missed this experience.

Edit: The second part is also online. All photos are taken on a snowshoe tour through the swiss alps.

Special Thanks to Jochen Dysli

Bernese Alps golden peak
Mountains near Eiger











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  1. very nice light on this photo. I like the hint of pink. I am sure the series of image is going to be very nice

  2. really intriguing your resul in soft and delicate light, i liked your idea in presentation, wonderful proposal

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