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dark tunnel in the Maginot Line

Maginot Line Dark Tunnels

Maginot Line Dark Tunnels

Maginot Line after the second World War
Maginot Line after the second World War

In the following video I will show some impressions from the french underground – the Maginot Line. All images have originated on my tours in the forts of Maginot. It´s always an very special adventure to go to the Maginot Line. But it´s not everybody’s taste to go throw the dark, cold and damp tunnels there…

For me it´s not only a photo shooting or a simple exploring tour, it´s a trip into the past of the history. To go to these plants it´s a fascinating experience. I want to show some of my impressions from that tours here on my site (galleries) and of course now here in the video.

So, lay back and relax…


More data and facts about the Line


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