Maginot Line 75mm Canon Tower

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Maginot Line Website

 Maginot Line Website Photos
Tower of the 81mm canon

The website of Marcel van Lierop,, is about the constructions, details about the weaponry, turrets and cupolas from the bunkers of the Maginot Line.

Good informations about the Maginot Line are normal all in the french language. Marcel already translated some of the most important texts into English and more to follow.

On his website he has grouped the information understandable and clear with photos and graphics. Also a Glossary with the explanation of terms exists.

This is a very informative site and also very well designed.

If you are interested in the french underground bunker, the Maginot Line, and you didn´t find this on my pages or in the gallery section so I can only recommend the page from Marcel van Lierop.


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  1. First of all, thanks for your visit and comment on Photo Attraction.
    Second, congratulations are in order because your photos rock!
    Third, we share the same passion (quite new to me…) for ruins.
    Definately going to my daily reader list ;)

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