Fire Cloud

Fire Cloud

Fire Cloud in the Auvergne

Fire Cloud in Bourbonnaise

A wonderful view in the woods near the border of the Livradois Forez and the Montagne Bourbonnaise. The Livradois Forez and the Montagne Bourbonnaise are in the east part of the Auvergne, not really famous but worth seeing. Livradois Forez is also a Parc Regional Naturel in France.

This mountain ridge in the beautiful summer Forest is the top of the hill called Rez de Sol.

After a long hike through the woods of the Bourbons it is a nice place to enjoy the sunset and even to breathe through.

All the images from this nice hiking place are in the Photo Library in the Bourbonnaise Gallery further informations about the region you will find on my Landscape Blog.