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steel reinforced door in the Maginot Line

Maginot Line Impressions | Bunker Photography | Urbex

Some new Maginot Line Impressions

The Maginot Line is a very large line of concrete fortifications with tank obstacles, artillery casemates, machine gun posts, and other defenses. France constructed the defense wall along its borders with Germany and Italy.

The most of this places aren´t accessible now. Only in museums, the plants can still be seen. It´s a view back into a dark and sad time in our history.

In the maginot line gallery there are some images from different underground facilities in the Maginot Line. All photos shows original showplaces from the second worldwar today.

In the blog you can get more informations about the Magiont Line, Then and Now.

Maginot Line Impressions

Even more infos about the Maginot Line on wikipedia.

Ouvrage Galgenberg Filter Raum

Gros Ouvrage du Galgenberg Maginot Linie Frankreich

Gros Ouvrage du Galgenberg

In diesem Artikel wird ein großes Werk, im Text Gros Ouvrage oder kurz GO gennant, der Maginot Linie vorgestellt. Es handelt sich dabei um das GO Galgenberg, das seit Jahren von einem Verein betreut und restauriert wird.

Das Gros Ouvrage du Galgenberg liegt in unmittelbarer Nähe der Ortschaft Cattenom im Norden Lothringens. Die Festungsanlage wurde in den frühen 1930er Jahren weiterlesen

dark tunnel in the Maginot Line

Maginot Line Dark Tunnels

Maginot Line Dark Tunnels

Maginot Line after the second World War
Maginot Line after the second World War

In the following video I will show some impressions from the french underground – the Maginot Line. All images have originated on my tours in the forts of Maginot. It´s always an very special adventure to go to the Maginot Line. But it´s not everybody’s taste to go throw the dark, cold and damp tunnels there…

For me it´s not only a photo shooting or a simple exploring tour, it´s a trip into the past of the history. To go to these plants it´s a fascinating experience. I want to show some of my impressions from that tours here on my site (galleries) and of course now here in the video.

So, lay back and relax…


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