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somewhere down in a mine

Mines Photos from old Tunnels | Urban Exploration

Mines Photos from old Tunnels | Urban Exploration

To explore the tunnels of old mines is one of the most exciting thing in the Urban Exploration. Some of that tunnels are more than a hundred years old. The visits are always very impressive. It is not easy to imagine how the people managed to dig these wells. Today, most of the mines are closed in the area. Only a few small air holes for bats exists…

Mines Photos urbex
Schlafraum in einer alten Eisen Mine

A collection of some of the mine explorations are added in the gallery Old Mines.
The photos are all taken by myself. Thanks to all guys who helped with the light and finding the right way.

Urban Decay Updates | Urban Exploration Photography

Urban Decay Updates Urban Exploration Photography

In the portfolio Lost Places and Abandonded Industry I added a few new photos from lost places.
This are some of the results from the last urban exploration in Luxembourg and Germany in the last years.

A small note: If you are in one of the portfolio galleries from Urban Decay, you can click on the title of the image, so you reached to the single image page. In most cases, can be found there more information about the picture and the location, sometimes also the history of the place.

Click on the photo to come to the gallery:

Urbex Dining Room - Urban Decay Updates
Urbex Dining Room – Abandoned House
building of abandoned carbon industry halls

Abandoned Places Photos | Urban Exploration | Lost Places

Abandoned Places Photos | Urban Exploration

The Exploration of abandoned places also known as Urban Exploration means to go to abandoned places and explore the urban structure and history of the place. Also many of the Urban Explorer takes photos there. The one to document the place and the other to creat a kind of art – Art of Decay. Without decay originates nothing new, that is a constantly ongoing process.

The following photos show a cross section of my work from the abandoned places. Insights into the present of the past. From dark shafts in old mines, from bizarre sceneries in derelict houses and castles, surreal-looking industry and unique photos from the Maginot Line out of the second World War.

In the portfolio you can find some new images from abandoned industry. Click on the following image to reach directly to the gallery.

Abandoned Places Photos Mercedes
Mercedes in an abandoned factory

Some Urban Exploration in Switzerland from Hermann